By Patrick Nachtigall

Editor’s Note: Patrick Nachtigall is Sharon’s son-in-law. Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall are the Global Strategy regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East. Scroll to the bottom of the page for memorial service arrangements and memorial gifts. This tribute appeared originally on three-worlds.com.

Photo: Sharon SkaggsThe longer I live, the more I think life boils down to two things: strength of character and love.

We lost our mom suddenly and unexpectedly this past week, and more than anyone I have ever met, Sharon Skaggs exemplified these two things. Her strong character meant that she was exactly who you thought she was and who she said she was. There was no disparity between the public Sharon and the private Sharon. The kind, graceful, gracious, smiling Sharon that you saw in public was exactly who she was behind closed doors. And as far as love is concerned, she had no enemies and showed love to all equally, regardless of their status. Sharon, unlike most of us, was who she needed to be every day in the exact same way.

Although she was a baby-boomer, born in 1947, she was really more like someone from the Greatest Generation. She shunned showiness, she cared not for material things, she prized loyalty and consistency, and she didn’t know “rock” from “roll.” She missed Woodstock, but she was born on a different farm in South Dakota to very godly Germanic farmers who believed in hard work, godliness, and keeping true to your word. There was no bragging or pursuing success for personal gain; it was all about serving others and doing it with a smile.   Read more…


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Meet the Beverlys

Steven and Peggy Beverly will serve in Sri Lanka. Their mission emphases are teaching, training, and developing strong relationships with the pastors and leaders of the Church of God in Sri Lanka.


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